Science-Metrix contributes to the European Commission’s evaluation studies of its green and digital transition policy agendas

October 2023

The European Commission has just published evaluation studies of two large cross-cutting policy agendas aimed at tackling major societal challenges, and Science-Metrix contributed quantitative analyses to both evaluations.

The programs being evaluated were planned to expedite the transition to an economically sustainable and technological society. Activities related to the “green transition” and the “digital and industrial transition,” were funded by Horizon 2020, the EC’s recently closed edition of its core research and innovation funding programme.

The green transition aims to help achieve the EU’s goal of climate neutrality by 2050 and create a sustainable and efficient economy by tackling major societal challenges relating to food security and sustainable agriculture; clean efficient energy; smart transport; and climate action, the environment, and resources. The digital and industrial transition centers on the integration of digital technologies into society and the effect of new technologies like AI to bolster the economy, assist with the green transition, and create new innovations and opportunities in a human-centered and resilient manner.

To determine the impact of its efforts, the EC assembled multi-stakeholder teams to evaluate the impact of activities related to these two areas and produce the evaluations, which included qualitative and quantitative components. Science-Metrix contributed bibliometric analyses to both evaluations. For the green transition evaluation, Science-Metrix also undertook an analysis of grant data provided by the EC through its eCorda funded project and grant monitoring system.

The bibliometric analyses were based on traditional bibliometrics indicators to assess collaboration practices, cross-disciplinarity, and the research impact of publications supported by the EC. The analysis also benefited from a counterfactual approach to assess the added value of the EC funding in improving the performance of bibliometric indicators of supported researchers.

Read the reports:

Evaluation study on activities related to the green transition

Annexes to the green transition evaluation study

Evaluation study on activities related to the digital and industrial transition

Annexes to the digital and industrial transition evaluation study

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