La production scientifique québécoise: mesure basée sur la BRSQ

Godin, B., Archambault, É., and Vallières, F. (2000). La production scientifique québécoise : mesure basée sur la BRSQ. Argus29(1), 15–24.


This article presents a bibliometric portrait of the Banque de données sur les Revues Savantes Québécoises (BRSQ), a database indexing 52 scholarly periodicals published in Quebec. Compiled by the Observatoire des sciences et des technologies (OST), using more than 20 variables, the index provides an opportunity to observe the evolution of scientific activity in Quebec between 1980 and 1996. A study of the database reveals that scientific journals in Quebec have specialized in the social sciences and in the humanities. The fact that a considerable percentage of the articles originate outside Quebec and Canada, and that a number of articles are written in collaboration, would seem to indicate that Quebec journals are open to the world.

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Image credit: Yann Bigor via Unsplash