Integration of researchers into new research communities

Roberge, G. (2016). Integration of researchers into new research communities.

XXXVI Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), Newport Beach, California, United States.

Researcher mobility is a prominent feature of the academic landscape, driven early on by salary considerations and later in a career by research opportunities. With this increased mobility, integration into new research communities can be tracked using social network analyses (SNAs), addressing questions about the degree to which new arrivals integrate into their new surroundings, and whether they create new connections (and thereby densify the existing network) or instead align themselves with existing clusters (and thus leave the existing network structure mostly intact). This presentation considers the integration of researchers migrating to new countries and their impacts on their new communities, by applying standard SNA indicators (e.g., eigenvector centrality, betweenness centrality) to yearly co-publication networks. SNAs such as those to be presented can be integrated into bibliometric studies to enrich findings in regard to scientific collaboration.

Please note: The original PowerPoint presentation contained time-lapse graphs of collaboration networks, which are not reproducible in the PDF version. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a copy of the PowerPoint file.

See the presentation here [PDF].

Image credit: iStock Photo