Bibliometric analysis to evaluate Quality of Science in the context of One CGIAR – Technical documentation

Client: CGIAR Advisory Services

Published: March 2022

Science-Metrix was contracted by CGIAR Advisory Services to develop recommendations on the use of bibliometrics in mixed-methods evaluation and monitoring of Quality of Science in One CGIAR research. One CGIAR integrates CGIAR’s capabilities, knowledge, assets, people, and global presence for a new era of interconnected and partnership-driven research aimed at achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

To support the improvement and implementation of CGIAR’s bibliometric analyses, Science-Metrix conducted a study and developed recommendations to:  

  • broaden the indicators available to CGIAR, to cover a greater number of dimensions and stakeholder interests; 
  • enable CGIAR to increase the robustness of its bibliometric analyses by implementing best practices; and 
  • support internal capacity-building for CGIAR’s bibliometric pipeline. 

This technical note combines bibliometric expertise with input from CGIAR stakeholders and lessons from the independent evaluative reviews of CGIAR research. 

Ultimately, 17 recommendations were developed following a consultative and co-design process. These recommendations provide a high-level framework for designing and conducting or provisioning bibliometric analyses to evaluate Quality of Science in One CGIAR research.  

See the technical documentation here.

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