Science-Metrix signs lease on new Ottawa office

Published on May 7 2015

It’s official! Science-Metrix has signed a lease on new offices in Ottawa. The branch in the national capital will be dedicated to Evaluation Services, and is located at 486 Gladstone Avenue, between Lyon and Kent. Werner Meier, Vice-President of Evaluation Services, notes the company’s expansion into Ottawa ensures that Science-Metrix can be even more responsive to the needs of our federal government and national clientele.

Science-Metrix welcomes Office Manager David Henrick and Senior Evaluator Dr. Fernando Santiago to the Ottawa bureau, where they will continue to be supported by the world-class expertise of our Montreal-based Bibliometrics team. Due to the expansion, Science-Metrix is also interested to hear from Ottawa-based evaluators for permanent and project roles to join our new team, please see our Careers page for further details.