Science-Metrix launches into an evaluation for the Canadian Space Agency

Published on February 18 2016

Science-Metrix is pleased to announce that the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has mandated our Evaluation Services team to undertake an evaluation of the CSA’s Earth Observation Business Line (EO). “This is a very important and very exciting mandate for Science-Metrix, our first-ever evaluation for the CSA and a milestone for Evaluation Services,” says Vice-President Werner Meier, who will be leading the evaluation.  

Much of the excitement stems from the large scale and scope of the activities under the EO Business Line, which currently accounts for about half of the CSA’s total annual expenditures. Specifically, it includes the following four elements of CSA’s Program Alignment Architecture:

  • The Earth Observation Missions Sub-Sub-Program (
  • The Satellite Operations Sub-Sub-Program (
  • The Data Handling Sub-Sub-Program (
  • The Earth Observation Data and Imagery Utilization Sub-Sub Program (

This means that the EO evaluation will cover everything from building space-borne satellites to interpreting and helping government departments use the captured data. The EO Business line provides other government departments, private sector firms and academia with essential information about energy and land resources, marine and inland waters, adaptation and climate services, and safety and security.

The evaluation will focus on the five core issues identified in the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Directive on the Evaluation Function, as well as on program design and delivery. The evaluation will run from February 2016 until January 2017 concluding with a presentation of the final report to the Departmental Evaluation Committee.

Image: iStock Photo