Science-Metrix commences review of the Human Frontier Science Program

Published on April 6 2018

Science-Metrix is pleased to announce that it has begun work on a review of the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP). HFSP, administered by the Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO), is an international funding program for frontier research in the life sciences and comprises three funding schemes.

The program’s mission is to encourage high-risk research that is innovative and internationally collaborative while also crossing disciplinary boundaries. The program also emphasizes support for early career researchers. HFSP occupies a niche, and it believes unflinchingly in curiosity-driven research and in its particular power to rapidly increase our knowledge and thereby to contribute most efficiently to the innovation process.

Science-Metrix is well placed to conduct this review given our extensive experience conducting complex studies of S&T programs in an international context, particularly in the areas of interdisciplinarity and high-risk research.

The Science-Metrix Evaluation and Bibliometrics teams are collaborating on the review and will investigate four lines of evidence: a questionnaire-based survey, bibliometrics, interviews and case studies. The review will assess achievement of the program’s targeted outcomes over the last decade. The HFSPO Board of Trustees will use the review to gauge the value of past investment in HFSP, to inform the organization’s strategic planning, and in considerations of future funding. The Board is also interested in determining whether the program provides added value compared to the results that could be achieved through national funding for the life sciences.

The HFSP review is scheduled to run until September 2018. For further information about HFSP, please visit the program’s website.


Image: Fotolia