Public release of Genome Canada evaluation report

Published on February 25 2015

Genome Canada, established in 2000, is a not-for-profit organization that invests in large-scale genomics initiatives in sectors of strategic and economic importance to Canada. It aims to strengthen genomics research and technical capacity in Canada, and foster multi-sectorial partnerships nationally and globally. With a view to generating economic and social benefits for Canadians, its target sectors include health, agriculture, environment, forestry, fisheries and energy and mining. Genome Canada has also worked to ensure that genomics research efforts consider underlying ethical, environmental, economic, legal or social aspects (GE3LS).

After many years of providing bibliometric services to Genome Canada, Science-Metrix is pleased its Evaluation Services team were able to work with the organization to produce their latest Evaluation Report. The purpose of the second five-year evaluation of Genome Canada, was to assess the organization’s relevance and retrospective performance in the context of the Canadian research and innovation system from 2009/10 to 2013/14. The report also includes a prospective dimension, as it seeks to inform management and other stakeholders on how best to implement the organization’s strategic direction (Strategic Plan 2012–2017).

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