Nesta-led consortium implements Science-Metrix’ data mining technical framework

Published on November 10 2017

Earlier this year, the European Commission published the results of a 2-year data mining study completed by Science-Metrix. We are pleased to announce that the data mining technical framework we developed through this study is now being used to inform a big data and data analytics project led by UK-based global innovation foundation Nesta. The project is funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program.

The new project, EU Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, trusted, and Open Innovation Indicators (EURITO), brings together organizations with expertise in R&I policy, data visualization, and big data analytics and machine learning. The overall objective of this project is to generate a new set of Relevant, Inclusive, Timely, trusted and Open (RITO) R&I performance indicators based on new data sources and methods that enhance the impact of R&I policies in Europe. The EURITO team notes that doing this will require breaking the vicious circle between mistrust of new methods and their subsequent underutilization, and taking new data sources from the periphery of R&I policy to its core.

The EURITO project is drawing on the following elements from the Science-Metrix framework:

  • Adopting a robust stakeholder engagement process, bringing together policymakers and scientists to promote the parallel growth of more robust methods and more trust in their results for policy application
  • Starting all case-study projects with an agile scoping phase, to explore their feasibility before committing to full-scale implementation
  • Mixing novel data sources with more traditional “ground-truth” sources that are better understood, to inform interpretation and promote validity of findings
  • Operating in an open and transparent fashion, sharing data, methods and code within the research and policy communities to ultimately contribute to greater success worldwide in the use of data mining for R&I policy and promote the ongoing development of a community of practice

The Science-Metrix team appreciates the input of Nesta’s Head of Innovation Mapping in Policy and Research, Juan Mateos-Garcia, who participated in the expert workshops conducted at the end of each calendar year of Science-Metrix’ data mining project. The EURITO consortium includes Nesta (UK), Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), the Danish Technical University (Denmark) and COTEC (Spain).

To learn more about our data mining technical framework, visit our blog to read our series of accessible articles outlining the framework and how it was developed. If you’d like to discuss how our data mining framework can be used in your own project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Image: Fotolia