In memoriam – Jean-François Bergeron (1965–2014)

Published on November 10 2014

Science-Metrix regretfully announces the passing of Jean-François Bergeron, partner and Head of Finances and Operations of the firm. Jean-François lost his battle with leukemia after fighting courageously, never losing optimism in the face of a relentless and trying struggle.

We will always remember him as a kind-hearted and selfless individual who put others first and was strong, energetic and ready to tackle the greatest challenges. Disappointed to leave us so early on account of having much left to give and experience in the world, Jean-François was most saddened by the lost opportunity to grow old with his wife Alexandra Kulik and to share in the joy of raising their young daughter, Romane. While nothing can replace what is lost, we wish them happy years in the future and only the fondest memories of the time spent with Jean-François, who left them and this world before his time.