Evaluation involves the collection and analysis of reliable data on the activities of programs or organizations, in order to make judgments about their relevance, performance, cost-effectiveness, or other issues of interest.

Science-Metrix is a leader in providing program evaluation and performance measurement services for research-based, science and technology organizations. Our reports provide timely, relevant, and objective findings and clear conclusions that help our clients find solutions and support decision-making.

Our team uses state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative research methods to

  • perform evaluability assessment (including environmental scans, data availability and quality assessments);
  • conduct complete evaluations with sound and actionable results (including design, data collection, analysis and reporting);
  • measure and assess impacts and outcomes using mixed methods;
  • design evaluation frameworks, methods and plans that address specific performance tracking and reporting needs (such as logic models, data collection matrices, performance measurement strategies, and identification of evaluation issues, questions and indicators); and
  • carry out customized data collection, analysis and technical reporting (such as bibliometrics, online surveys, case studies, and interviews).

Evaluators at Science-Metrix are members of numerous evaluation societies and are continuously developing and expanding their knowledge of best-practice evaluation methods and tools.