What is bibliometrics?

Bibliometrics is a set of methods used to derive new insights from existing databases of scientific publications and patents. Within bibliometrics, scientometrics is used to measure scientific activity based on scientific papers, and technometrics is a proxy measure for innovation based on patents.

Science-Metrix is the sole evaluation firm that specializes in bibliometrics at the world level. We develop advanced bibliometric indicators to synthesize, analyze and extract useful information. 

A unique tool to measure reality and take action

Bibliometric analyses offer robust, comparative assessments of S&T activities in regional, national and global arenas. These analyses are tailored to provide our clients with the solutions they need, such as to help them answer specific questions and to support their S&T management.

Bibliometrics allows us to

  • measure scientific production and benchmark research performance at multiple levels (country, state/region, organization and researcher);
  • assess the international impact of research;
  • identify leading organizations and competitors;
  • identify who is doing what and with whom in a variety of S&T fields;
  • assess the impact of research funding on the scientific output of researchers and graduate students;
  • map collaboration networks and identify mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities;
  • monitor research trends in specific S&T areas (sectorial analysis);
  • provide other evidence in support of organizational decision-making and outcome assessment;
  • support national and international S&T strategies;
  • support peer review processes; and
  • support organizational strategic review.