Your needs

Analysts and advisors

Analysts and advisors are increasingly being asked to measure the impacts of R&D and provide evidence that supports decision-making within S&T organizations. This information may be requested for performance measurement and accountability purposes, such as annual reports and internal strategic reviews, as well as for communications and public relations efforts.

Common questions for S&T performance measurement

  • How do I measure and benchmark R&D performance—for example, growth, quality and impact?
  • How do I analyze and interpret scientific collaboration?
  • What are the best indicators, data sources and methods to measure and track S&T in my context?
  • What data do I need to keep my organization and our stakeholders informed on a punctual or ongoing basis?

How we can help you

Science-Metrix helps analysts and advisors develop customized metrics and studies to assess and demonstrate S&T impacts and trends. We provide analytical and practical expertise to support performance measurement efforts for all types of S&T, R&D and innovation activities.

We also develop and implement leading-edge methods and best practices in bibliometrics and evaluation, and share them with the community via presentations, papers and tools.