By providing robust science and technology (S&T) metrics, trends and analysis, our mission is to provide our clients with the tools for accountability and evidence-based decision-making.

Our services are customized to meet the needs, size and culture of your organization. We understand that your needs will vary based on the type of organization you represent, as well as based on whether you are a decision-maker, a manager, an evaluator or an analyst.

We have honed our expertise by working with a broad range of clients in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our high repeat business rate attests to our ability to listen and adapt to our clients’ evolving needs and expectations.

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Your needs

Our team works directly with individuals from a variety of management functions, including analysts, advisors, evaluators, managers and policy-makersMore »

Your organization needs

Our offerings are adapted to the needs of governments, funding organizations, universities and research organizations, and companies

Our clients

Our client base has expanded to include key S&T players on almost every continentMore »